Case Study - The Georgina

See how a property owner in Auckland earn hassle-free hotel returns from their Auckland property

GROSS RENTAL: $115,000

PROPERTY VALUE: $2,500,000


By  offering  their property as a  short term rental, the owners of The Georgina have  enjoyed rental yields 77% higher than the yields if the property was offered as a long term rental.

This higher rental yield is driven by a greater  demand for short term rentals increased by the growing numbers in tourism and business travellers seeking authentic places to stay.

The high levels of demand are expected to rise, projected to grow by 42% in 5 years, while the supply of short term rentals will maintain constrained. This  means that the yields should continue to increase.

Short term rentals offer  a better utilisation of your residential property, with the added benefit of using  the property when it’s not booked.

About Us - NZ Holiday Homes

NZ Holiday Homes is a NZ based operator of unique accommodation properties, creating innovative experiences that are grounded in authentic places & people.

NZ Holiday Homes offers unique alternatives for property owners to achieve above market rental, while dealing directly with a professional tenant that maintains the utmost standards.


Our homes will be extensively marketed via multiple local and international accommodation platforms to maximise exposure of the boutique accommodation, targeting 80% occupancy across properties.

Direct: Extensive marketing through Home website, to email database, and social media community.

Indirect: Extensive marketing via local and international accommodation platforms.


We have a multidisciplinary team that specialise in managing accommodation properties and guest experiences.

Arrival: Our team regularly liaises with guests to ensure that they are all set for their stay, greeting the guests and helping the guests get settled in their home and neighbourhood.

Stay: Our team will be on call to ensure that guests have everything they need throughout their stay, from linen and cleaning to local recommendations.

Departure: Our team will personally farewell every guest, and ensure that the guest’s experience exceeded expectation, as well as ensuring the home is maintained to a high standard.

Cleaning: We ensure that the home is professionally cleaned, linen is prepared, essentials provided and all repairs & maintenance are completed.

Responsibility: We assume responsibility for every aspect of property management, ensuring that homes are not just well run but also lucrative investments.

Technology: We embrace new app-driven technology to ensure that the guest journey is seamless from arrival to departure.