Below is a checklist of requirements that our agent must complete when preparing/restoring your home. If you have specific housekeeping requests, please let us know.

Before booking

Receive booking confirmation

NZ Holiday Homes will send a booking confirmation when a booking is confirmed. This confirmation will include:

  • Property address
  • Check-in date
  • Check-out date
  • Guest name
  • Guest email
  • Guest phone
  • Services required (meet & greet, linen, cleaning may be required)

Accept booking by replying to the email and schedule the booking.

Arrange check-in

Arrange with the guest, via email or phone, an appropriate check-in time. Standard check-in time is 2.00pm. We do allow some flexibility where possible. Also determine the bedding composition for when preparing the property with linen.

Prepare property

Prepare the property for each booking, including:

  • „Opening property for booking (unlock and air property)
  • Ensuring all amenities are working (power and water)
  • Ensuring property is clean (and household products are available)
  • Preparing linen as per bedding composition (if linen is required)

Greet guest

Greet the guest as arranged and provide the guest with property instructions as outlined by the owner.

  • How to get in
  • Where to park
  • How many bedrooms/bathrooms
  • What to expect for this job
  • Where the linen closet is
  • Where the supplies are located
  • Walkthrough: Make sure nothing is broken from previous guests.
  • If guests arrive late, leave a key in a lockbox, and provide guests with detailed instructions.

If anything is broken, take a photo and email it to Home - Auckland.

After booking

Arrange check-out

Arrange with the guest, via email or phone, an appropriate checkout time. Standard check-in time is 10.00am. We do allow some flexibility where possible.

Farewell guest

Inspect the property for damage and ensure that the property was left clean and tidy. Notify the guest immediately of any damage or issues with cleanliness, before seeing off the guest.

Restore property

Clean the property and linen, if required. A standard clean (excluding linen) should take no more than 3 hours. Any additional cleaning will be charged to the guest.

  • DISHES. Gather dirty dishes, place in dishwasher and run.
  • LAUNDRY. Remove all dirty laundry & start laundry (or return to laundry provider).
      • Wipe all surfaces
      • Dust all furniture/objects
      • Clean the tops of all framed artwork
      • Clean windows
      • Water & dust plants
      • Wash, scrub, and sanitise all sinks, toilet bowls, and showers (remove hair in drains)
      • Clean all mirrors and glass surfaces
      • Sweep or vacuum floors
      • Straighten all rugs
      • Mop all hardwood floors
      • Check for guest belongings left behind:
        • Under beds
        • Bedside tables (electrical outlets for chargers)
        • Closets
        • Drawers
      • Empty and clean coffee machine.
      • Refill coffee and tea
      • Stove/Oven (open the oven to make sure there are no crumbs)
      • Clean refrigerator out; Toss any perishables.
      • Clean and organize condiments.
    • FINISH. Finish with all of your final tasks and restocking, hospitality touches, and staging at the end.
      • Set out at least 2 sets of hand towels
      • Refill:
        • Bath gel
        • Hand soap
        • Toilet paper
        • Provide shampoo
      • Sweep the patio.
      • Straighten the patio furniture.
    • Test the TV and all the remotes to make sure batteries do not need to be changed in remotes.
    • Count the # of remotes and arrange.
    • Check the settings on the TV/DVD/Cable to make sure they haven't been messed up by previous guests.
    • Test all lights to make sure bulbs work.
    • Test smoke detectors.
    • Empty all garbage and replace garbage liners.
    • Set guest welcome book or guest manual neatly on entry table.
    • Set welcome gift/note/flowers/food.
    • Lock the windows/door.

Everything should be arranged and cleaned as if it were a hotel. Set things straight, make sure there are no stray hairs anywhere, arrange towels and pillows in a beautiful way, and make sure there are no traces of previous guests (e.g. opened food or things left behind).

Provide feedback

Provide booking feedback via email, addressing the behaviour of the guest and the state that the property was left in after the booking.

Specific requests

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